Sunday, September 19, 2004

Uran - UUU……RANNN of Mumbai (19.9.04)

Hi Birds,

Yes the flamingos have arrived in Mumbai …. About 187 of these flame birds ( Greater flamingos) were spotted in Uran ( Behind the JNPT Township ). Over the few days, both the Greater and the lesser flamingos will pour in the region, particularly in Sewri.

In all 68 Species of birds were seen during the Bnhs Navi Mumbai birding trip that was organised on Sep 19, 2004. About 27 people participated included 4 very enthu. Childrens.

Even with the non availability of Bnhs bus, people were excited to go to Uran, thanks to those who got their cars.

Uran ….. surely has turned into miniature Rann of Kucth…with salt pans…Open Mud flats…Flamingos….waders…and other migratory birds.

Apart from the flamingos, the migratory birds have also started coming in, however some notable species were Collard Stone Chat, Marsh Harriers, Gargeny teals, various Gull and Tern species. After a long time the sky was filled with some raptors, though many are still expected. In all some 5 raptor species were spotted.
The black breasted & Baya weavers are still breeding and both species were seen very busy with nest construction ( The Bayas on the trees and the Blackbreasted weavers in the Typha reeds). It was surprising to see Spot billed ducks mating at this time of the season ( 1 spotbill female with chicks was also spotted amongst the reeds). The Long tailed Shikes that are local migrant to our region arrives Mumbai in late August / Early September and on Sunday they were seen almost everywhere.

A nest of a plain prinia (Probably with chicks) and a half built nest of Black headed munia were also found.

A complete list is as below:

1. Lesser Whistling-Duck ( 1 Juvenile)
2. Black-headed Munia ( A pair constructing a nest)
3. Spot-billed Duck ( A pair Mating on water & also a Female with chicks)
4. Garganey ( Very far, but identified in flight-bluish grey flight feathers)
5. House Sparrow
6. Common Kingfisher
7. White-throated Kingfisher
8. Asian Koel
9. Red Avadavat ( Br+)
10. Rufous-tailed Lark
11. Rose-ringed Parakeet
12. House Swift ( Plenty at certain regular spots)
13. Asian Palm-Swift
14. Rock Pigeon
15. Laughing Dove
16. Spotted Dove
17. White-breasted Waterhen (One seen)
18. Common Coot ( Last Tuesday, also saw with chicks)
19. Purple Swamphen
20. Black-tailed Godwit (The commonest wader)
21. Common Greenshank
22. Common Sandpiper
23. Oriental Skylark ( Calls – Br+ Display)
24. Marsh Sandpiper (Plenty)
25. Little Stint
26. Ruff ( Some with partial Br+Plumage)
27. Common Redshank
28. Black-winged Stilt ( Neumerous)
29. Red-wattled Lapwing
30. Heuglin’s Gull ( Very far, probably with other large gull species)
31. Whiskered Tern
32. Little Tern
33. Gull-billed Tern
34. Short-toed Snake-Eagle ( ???—Very far)
35. Western Marsh Harrier ( Have arrived in good numbers)
36. Black-winged Kite ( 1 seen)
37. Brahminy Kite ( 1 seen)
38. Black Kite
39. Little Grebe ( 1 Juvenile)
41. Little Cormorant
42. Cattle Egret
43. Great Egret
44. Little Egret
45. Western Reef-Egret ( 1-Dark Phase)
46. Grey Heron
47. Indian Pond-Heron
48. Greater Flamingo ( 187- some immature)
49. Glossy Ibis ( Common)
50. Long-tailed Shrike ( Plenty)
51. Large-billed Crow / Jungle Crow
52. House Crow
53. Black Drongo ( 1 seen)
54. Oriental Magpie-Robin
55. Common stonechat ( 3 Females seen)
56. Asian Pied Starling
57. Jungle Myna ( Now seen regularly)
58. Common Myna
59. Red-rumped Swallow
60. Wire-tailed Swallow
61. Red-vented Bulbul
62. Red-whiskered Bulbul
63. Plain Prinia ( also one nest)
64. Ashy Prinia
65. Common Tailorbird
66. Black-breasted Weaver ( Br+)
67. Baya Weaver ( Br+)
68. White-throated Silverbill ( pair seen)

The notable absentees amonst the birds were Wagtails, Other species of Sandpipers, Plovers, Bee-Eaters, Other Raptors, Storks, Purple Herons, Jacanas & other Duck species.

However the highlight of the day was undoubtly the Greater flamingos that made the day. Even the childrens were very excited…..and in the coming days Uran surely will offer great treat and satisfaction to any birder.

The Birding Festival has started……….

Happy Birding,

Addi The Birde

* Thanks to the Core committee of BNHS Navi Mumbai Chapter for organizing such a wonderful trip, particularly Sagar Mhatre, Jacob & Vijaya Madam.